A New Chapter To Come

NewHavenEats is going on hiatus. After 31 years as a staff photographer at the New Haven Register, I have left the newspaper. I fully intend to continue to take photographs, and with great hope and enterprise, this blog will find a new home. Thank you all for looking and reading, and especially, to all the restaurants who participated. They made all manner of delicious dishes for me to photograph, and took the time out of their busy days for not-so-quick interviews.

I will post when a new home is found.


New Posting Schedule

Recent events have put increased demands on everybody here at the New Haven Register, including the staff photographers – one of whom is me. As diverting as my NewHavenEats blog can be for me as well as the reader, my current work load means that  I don’t have the hours available for a new blog post every week. Starting this week, NewHavenEats will go to an every-other-week schedule.

As ever, thanks for looking and reading.

Mara Lavitt

Hello Happy New Haven Eaters!

This new blog on the New Haven restaurant scene by Mara Lavitt of the New Haven Register will officially launch July 18, then followed by weekly updates.

New restaurants are popping up all over town joining long established ones. Each week we will explore one of Elm City’s dining spots, whether well established or the new kid on the block. Rather than a review each post will serve as a guide for the epicure in all of us. There will be photos, highlights of the restaurant, and a quick video interview with the chef or owner. Let me know which places you would like me to profile in the future. Email mlavitt@newhavenregister.com or Twitter @nhrmlavitt