NewHavenEats Will Skip a Week

It’s about time! The creator of NewHavenEats will be taking a brief vacation. My regular Tuesday evening release of new posts will resume Sept. 4th. Thank you for reading and returning to NewHavenEats.

Mara Lavitt


2 thoughts on “NewHavenEats Will Skip a Week

  1. Mara,
    Is it possible for you to have your most recent review show up first? I love reading your reviews, but I have to click thru to the last one every time & as time goes by, it’s getting longer. Maybe you could have a list of reviews on the home page that the reader can click on to read.

    Thank you for listening.

    • Hi Joan,

      That’s odd, and frustrating for you! On my NewHavenEats home page that I see on my computers (work, home, etc.) the most recent post is at the top and the first one is at the very bottom. And there is a “recent posts” listing on the right side of the page, also with the most recent at the top of that list. I wonder if there is some kind of preference for you to click to re-order the page for your computer? I am honored that you remain patient and continue to scroll through what is getting to be a longer list each week.

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